Celebrate Your Friends' Failures

Why do only kids get Participation Trophies for trying? Being an adult is harder than being a kid. "Praise" your friends or enemies for their failures or underachivements. "Celebrate" their mediocre effort or lackluster results.

Send them a Participation Trophy that reads YOU "TRIED". Customize the Certificate Of Participation with their name and reason for being awarded the trophy for free. Sent 100% Anonymously.

This Gift Includes

 6" Gold Cup Trophy. Engraving reads YOU "TRIED".

► Customized 8.5x11" Metallic Gold Certificate Of Participation

► Wrapped in colorful tissue paper to add an extra touch of class

► Tracking number and delivery status emails so you'll know when it's delivered. Ships next business day by USPS First Class 1-4 Day Mail.

Our Favorites

Certificate Of Participation Awarded To [Name] For...

[My Ex Boyfriend] For Sex.
[Nickelback] For Music.
[Our Scholarly Son] For Graduating With A 1.9 GPA. Amazing. The World Is Your Oyster. The Sky's The Limit! Love, Mom + Dad
[Ex Co-Worker] For Staying Gainfully Employed.
[X] For Being. The. Worst.
[X] For Attempting Adulthood.
[My Husband] For Trying To Fix The Kitchen Sink But Causing $1,462 In Damage Instead.

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