Will the recipient know who sent them a Bag Of Dicks?

No, absolutely not, it's 100% anonymous. The buyer's info is nowhere to be found on or in the package, and we will never give out customer info to the recipient.

► How will I know my Bag Of Dicks got delivered?

We include a USPS tracking number and automatic emails that keep you updated regarding the delivery status. We even email you on the day of delivery!

► How long does delivery take in the U.S.?

Typically we ship orders the same or next business day, and then delivery via USPS takes 1-4 days depending on the destination. Occasionally USPS deliveries get delayed, but we aren't the Federal Government so there's nothing we can do about that.

► Where are you based?

We're based in the United States. All pricing is in USD.

► How does this shitshow work?

1. Choose a Bag Of Dicks.

2. Enter the recipient's address and your payment info.

3. Place your order.

4. Youtube Louis C.K. standup to keep slacking off at work. Or whatever, we don't care as long as you've paid us.

► Will the recipient know it's a Bag Of Dicks before they open it?

No, the package is completely unmarked.

► What if I know a bunch of assholes and need to send more than one Bag Of Dicks?

You need to submit a new order for each Bag Of Dicks. And then probably ask yourself why you're friends with so many assholes.

► Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we use USPS International and delivery takes about 15 days. We are not responsible for any customs charges that may occur. 

That's it, no more dumb questions. Email us at shipabagofdicks@gmail.com if you're still confused for some odd reason. 

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