75 Full Page Dick Drawings (8.5x11")

Our Eat A Bag Of Dicks Coffee Table Coloring Book puts the "adult" in adult coloring books. Contains 75 hilariously original cartoon drawings of dicks in cum-pletely different comical pop-culture scenarios. It's the perfect addition to any coffee table.

Printed on a thick cover and artist quality paper.

Sent 100% anonymously, and we'll email you delivery updates. Ships the next business day by USPS First Class 1-4 Day Mail.

In case you've been living under a rock, adult coloring books are all the rage. According to top psychologists, coloring books reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, refine motor skills and vision, spark creativity, and induce childhood nostalgia.

And if you can't color worth a crap, you can still display our Eat A Bag Of Dicks Book proudly on your coffee table or mantle.

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