Prank Scented Candles


Secretly Releases Awful Scents

This patent-pending Prank Scented Candle starts out with a delicious American Apple Pie, Fresh Rose Bouquet, or Vanilla Ice Cream scent. But once 15 hours of the 40 hour total burn time is exhausted, the candle secretly changes to an awful, room-clearing Dirty Fart, Sweaty Ass Crack, or Vomit smell for the remaining 25 hours.

Your recipient won't know what hit 'em! All packaging and shipping is 100% Anonymous. And we'll email you the moment it's delivered.

Add a handwritten Personal Message (max 140 characters) onto a silver card for just a buck.

Your recipient will be stunned and utterly confused as to the source of the terrible smell. Look at this innocent candle -- it looks like something you'd buy at Anthropologie for $45.

What's Included

 Prank Scented Candle (40 hour burn time)

► Wrapped in colorful tissue paper to add an extra touch of class

► Tracking number and delivery status emails so you'll know when it's delivered. Ships next business day via USPS First Class 1-4 Day Mail.