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For a new twist on our Original Bag Of Dicks, try our Bag Of Coke Dicks. They taste amazingly just like Coca-Cola  and are even coated in diabetes-inducing sugar. These gummies are truly addictive and bring new meaning to the term "coke dick".

Coke•dick [noun] : not being able to get one's dick up despite serious efforts and a more than willing mind

SENT 100% ANONYMOUSLY. And we'll email you the second it's delivered. You can even choose a DELIVERY DATE in your Cart.

Glitter: If you're feeling naughty, we can pour glitter all over their Bag Of Coke Dicks. The dicks do remain edible and tasty.

Magnet+Sticker: We designed a Star Wars 'Eat A Bag Of Dicks' sticker and 'Keep Calm And Eat A Bag Of Dicks' magnet.

Big Gummy Dick: ENLARGE your Bag Of Coke Dicks by adding a 5" long strawberry gummy dick.

Personal Message: We'll handwrite a custom message (140 character max) onto our EAT A BAG OF DICKS! note. So your note will include both "EAT A BAG OF DICKS!" as well as your message.


 Bag Of Coca-Cola  Gummy Dicks

► 8.5x11" Gold Note that reads "EAT A BAG OF DICKS!"

► Wrapped in colorful tissue paper

► Tracking number and delivery status emails so you'll know when it's delivered. Typically ships the same or next business day via USPS First Class 1-4 Day Mail.

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