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When our ORIGINAL BAG OF DICKS just isn't enough dick for your friend or enemy, send them the MAGNUM Bag Of Dicks. Jam packed with 5 completely different dick candies guaranteed to shock and amaze. They won't know what to do with so much dick.

Sent 100% Anonymously, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Usually ships out next business day by USPS Priority 1-3 Day Mail. You may also choose a Delivery Date in your cart.

What's Included

► 6 Inch Rainbow Jumbo Dick Lollipop

► Bag Of Gummy Dicks

► Cum Shot Liquid Marshmallow Candy Dick

► Rainbow Dick Mints: Fights penis breath and cum disease!

► Candy Necklace Of Dicks

► Large gold note that reads EAT A BAG OF DICKS

► Covered in fancy tissue paper

► Tracking link and delivery updates so you'll know the second it arrives

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